How to Get Your Websites Indexed Faster

As a business owner or a blogger, you should be able to build a strong reputation not only in the niche of your site but also in the entire internet world. This way, more and more people will have an interest to your site and your product. This reputation can be gained by providing your readers high quality content from time to time.

However, you should also ensure that you really have readers. This is where the indexing comes in. A high index means more readers, so how can you get that likable index?

Ping, ping, and ping some more

Pinging your website is somewhat like sending an alert message to directories and search engines. This should be done whenever you have a new write-up or article post. Although search engines always conduct their own new post hunting, there is no assurance that they will find yours. To ping your website means to assure that your new posts will be seen these search engines. Such tools that you can use are as follows:


Make social media your new best friend

The next step towards a faster indexing would be to use social media sites. Having Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn buttons on your site won’t only make it look more attractive. More to that it will also help search engines locate your site faster. This is because search engines are now giving more value to these social links. You can also incorporate your Facebook business account to your personal account.

The deeper the links, the better

After linking your websites to your social media sites and using Ping tools, you’re all set for the next step – building deeper links. Instead of creating backlinks leading to your homepage, you should also create backlinks leading to various posts on your site. This will make it easier for search engines to spot your new posts and index your site faster. Here are deeper link building techniques you can apply:

  • Add the link of the latest post to your social media profiles
  • Build accounts on web2. 0 sites and post high quality content
  • Add post links (instead of homepage links) to your forum posts

Focus on authority blogs

High domain authority blogs are known to have thousands and millions of followers. Moreover, it would be wise to focus on such blogs and get in touch with other bloggers. You never know, perhaps they’ll in love your post and will link back to you. The trick here would be to add a link to all your posts. Whether that’s a comment or a fresh post, having a link will give others the chance to know more about what you’re really talking about.

This may appear like a brief guide for anything promising big results. Indeed it is short, and indeed it is effective. Indexing on search engines may be a big challenge at first but once you get the hang of it, everything else follows.

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