How to Make Money Online – 4 Guaranteed Ways

The internet has provided many enterprising individuals and businesses numerous opportunities to make money online. But the percentage of people actually making money from an online business remains to be low.

Many people are tricked into believing marketing “gurus” that preach easy ways to make money online. However, the secret to a successful online business is to find one that works with your expertise. So the next time you’re contemplating of starting your online money making campaign, here are four guaranteed ways to make money online.


Personal blogs have come a long way from being mere sites that provide people a personal medium for expressing their thoughts. But some of the most successful personal blogs have commanded thousands of followers making them an attractive place for marketing and advertising.

Paid guest posts for example command a high premium where advertisers pay for reviews of their products. Maximize your sites real estate by offering it as advertising space for links or banners. The more authority you command, the higher price you could demand from potential advertisers.

Making money through blogging may seem simple but this can also be the most time consuming of all the strategies mentioned. Building credibility takes time and is not for the impatient. However, blogging could also be the most rewarding if not the most entertaining way of making money online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another online money making method that is quite easy to maintain. All this requires is to find a popular product and promote it. You can earn by receiving a commission each time a product is sold.

A great place to find these products is by visiting This gives you a list of products that you could easily market. A simple research could also give you a list of popular products that you could start your affiliate marketing campaign.

Aside from creating a website you could also build an email list where you could offer these products by providing discounts or including a link to the product.

Niche Marketing

This could be the most lucrative ways of making money online. The concept is simple. Look for a specific niche and research everything you could learn about it.

Niche marketing is all about finding a small target market looking for a specific product. You could start with a broader niche like clothes for example and then focus on summer clothing. The advantage of using this strategy is you could focus your marketing efforts on a small target rather than slugging it out with bigger competitors.

Niche Marketing Guideline:

Research your niche market

Find the best keyword

Build a simple website

Build your customer base

Start an Online Store

Rather than setting up a brick and mortar store, why not create a virtual store and sell your products online. The benefits are quite obvious, cheaper overhead costs, you could setup shop almost everywhere and you have a wider customer base.

The cost of creating an online store may pale in comparison to setting up a physical store. But it still requires a reasonable investment for starting your online store. The first thing is to look for a location which in this case is finding the perfect domain for your shop. Keyword research is crucial. It helps you determine what keywords should be included in your domain in order to come up with better search results.

Another place you should invest in is hiring a professional website developer. This guarantees that all product descriptions and payment methods are working properly.


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