Your Free Domain Name

What’s better than buying your first domain name and setting up a great website?

Getting that domain name for free.

And have a special deal where you can get your domain name for free.

I’ll tell you about that in a second, but before you learn about that, you need to know about the second step in creating a great website: website hosting.


What is website hosting?

If your domain name is like your street address, website hosting is the blog of land on that street address. It’s  what you use to store all the articles, photo’s, and videos on your website.

Without website hosting you won’t be able to add great articles, beautiful pictures, or interesting videos to your site. All you’ll have is a great domain name and a blank page.


How do you get website hosting?

There are many different website hosting companies on the internet but there’s only one site that can offer you great support, the cheapest prices, and a free domain name. is trusted by millions of people all around the world to provide website hosting and you can get your free domain name when you sign up with them today.

Here’s how you do it in 3 simple steps (click on each step to get detailed instructions):
[toggle title="1. Go to BlueHost and select 'Sign Up Now'"]
With BlueHost being one of the biggest domain name registration and website hosting companies in the world, they’re able to give you the best prices and support. Their website hosting is the cheapest I’ve found and their support is second to none. There’s a reason that I host my sites with them.

When the page loads, click on the ‘sign up now’ button. It’s the big green one in the middle of the blue bar.

In order to get your free domain name, you need to sign up to their website hosting. Don’t worry, this isn’t a scam.

‘Hosting’ is the term used to describe the storage space that you use to store all of your websites data. If you’re going to build a website, you need to have hosting. Bluehost is the cheapest around and has is also the best.

By signing up through BlueHost, you’re ensuring that you get the best price and the best level of support and customer service from one of the most trusted hosts in the world.

[toggle title="2. Enter your domain name"]
Enter the domain name in the box under the heading ‘I Need A Domain Name’

register your domain name for free

You might find that the domain name you want is taken. That’s not uncommon.

There are over 200,000,000 domain names already registered around the world so there’s a good chance someone has already snapped up the domain name you really want.

If you find it’s gone, there are a couple of really easy ways to still get the domain name you want.

All you need to do is change it slightly and you should be able to find something similar. Try adding:

- ‘The’ to the start of the domain name (eg.
- ‘My’ to the start of the domain name (eg.
- ‘Your’ to the start of the domain name (eg.
- ‘Blog’ to the end of the domain name (eg.
- ‘Project’ to the end of the domain name (eg.
- ‘HQ’ to the end of the domain name (eg.
- or a combination of two of them (eg.

If you already have a domain name registered, you can just enter it into the ‘I have a domain name’ box.

[toggle title="3. Create your account and select your package"]
Once you find a domain name that’s available, all you need to do is add your details into the account section.

fill in your account details

Your website domain name is just a name that people can type into their browser to find your website. With any website, you need to have rent space to be able to hold all the information you want to display. This is called ‘website hosting’. Your next step is to choose which hosting you would like for your site.

BlueHost have three different packages – $6.95/month for 12 months, $5.95/month for 24 months, $4.95/month for 36 months. Which should you choose?

It’s completely up to you and depends on a lot of different factors including how much money you have and what you want to do with your site but I recommend you sign up for the $4.95/month over 36 months option.

Not only is it the cheapest in the long run, but purchasing extended hosting plans says to Google and other search engines that you plan on making this a great site and so they rank you higher in the search results.

This means more people seeing, using, and interacting with your site.

All that’s left to do now is enter your details, hit ‘next’, and BlueHost will do the rest. They’ll email you instructions of how to access your site and you can start building a beautiful website straight away.



You’ve just built your very first website. Now comes the fun stuff – adding articles, pictures, and even video to your site. But before you do that, you’ll need to install a simple and easy way of managing all your content.

For this, you’ll need WordPress.